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B. The company`s annual accounts are controlled by an independent accountant, who is appointed by the parties by mutual agreement. The company issues to shareholders, semi-annually and within sixty (60) days from the end of the month concerned, the financial statements as well as the management report of the period covered by the closing, which must be presented at the company`s expense in English. In most cases, disputes can be resolved through a process. First, the heads of the two companies could discuss the business situation in order to reach an agreement. If the companies do not reach an agreement by mutual agreement, it could be established that the matter will be settled through arbitration or that it could be a litigation case. 33. This agreement must be interpreted and enters into force in accordance with Indian law. In short, if your company sells products that you don`t make in your own home, it`s likely that you`ll need an agreement to make sure your legal needs are met. Without agreement, there is virtually no protection against these scenarios.

Your business may actually be held responsible for manufacturer errors and the difficulties of your partner company can affect the domino to your own. A manufacturing and supply agreement describes the parameters of a commercial relationship between a distributor and its manufacturer or supplier of its products. For example, your company has developed its own product. To sell the product, you can work with a manufacturer who could manufacture this product and deliver it to your company so that you can sell the items. This agreement sets out all the conditions for this partnership. 28. The conditions, with the exception of the conditions contained in it, to which the foreign company has agreed to cooperate and provide the necessary assistance to the company`s production of this product by the provision of know-how and the transfer of its patents and trademarks, are contained in a draft agreement to be concluded between the company and the parties. , and this project, approved by both parties and attached to the Annex, is included for this purpose and Appendix A is considered an integral part of this agreement.

Upon registration of that company, the draft contract is adopted by the company`s board of directors, then executed by and on behalf of the company and the parties, in order to be binding on the company. Your business is unique, the terms and terms of your agreement should directly reflect your business model and the restrictions imposed by your manufacturer and supplier. 25. This agreement cannot be construed by either party as representing the other or the company as an agent of either party.