Amc Agreement For Cctv

5. The AMC agreement does not cover any sanctions. 4. The cost of the CMA amounts to 10% of the total amount of the bill covered for a period of one year from the date of the signed agreement guaranteeing a rapid availability with the conditions set out in the AMC agreement. Aravind Power Electronics undertakes to provide, as part of this agreement, the following services to keep the system in good order, with the exception of circumstances that are not controlled by Aravind Power Electronics. Annual CCTV camera maintenance conditions in the annual CCTV, DVR and power camera maintenance contract. The annual maintenance contract is not complete and includes repairs and services for any equipment, including CCTV camera, DVR power supplies. Quarterly period for one or all sites – for one or all systems. Second, if you are in Dubai, then SIRA requires that you have an AMC for your CCTV system. SIRA also requires that the annual maintenance contract be established on its online portal. SIRA does not give its NOC without it and without SIRA NOC you cannot renew your commercial license. 10.

If the total and final amount of the AMC invoice is not received, we do not offer any guarantees for goods, services, etc. and services will be billed in advance. 7. Hours of work: Maintenance work is usually done during the client`s working time. To ensure that your ccTV monitoring system is operating at an optimal level, you need to have preventative maintenance done at regular intervals. Even more so in the United Arab Emirates, where the country`s wet and dusty climate is more dangerous for electronic devices. Over a short period of time, a thin film of tiny sand particles accumulates on all surfaces. This thin dust film on the camera lens harms the quality of the image. . However, in the event of an emergency, maintenance work may need to be done beyond office hours and even at 3. Parts maintenance: Maintenance of the surveillance camera surveillance system includes the camera visibility test, 3. This contract is not covered if the devices are burned for any reason.

The contract is not covered if intentional/involuntary property damage is caused to the devices. The treaty does not cover the abuses, abuses and excitement of serious conditions such as earthquakes, floods, clarifications, etc. strikes and other social unrest. . (2) The customer is responsible for providing the right source of power for the devices. . 8. The problem is resolved within 48 hours from the date of the claim The amount of the CMA is paid in installments on the start date of the contract. At QuickData, we use the checklist below for ccTV`s preventative maintenance services.