Eplan License Agreement

EPLAN has its own proprietary license manager, which is issued via a dongle for installation on a license server. EPLAN License Manager monitors all EPLAN software products. An optional standby server function can be purchased. 3.2 Barring an express contrary agreement, the following services are not part of the contract and require a separate agreement: 6.6 In order to enable EPLAN to remedy any failures as quickly as possible, the customer grants EPLAN access to deliveries and services of EPLAN, in particular, software and their components, with regard to troubleshooting and fixing defects. If necessary, the parties enter into agreements and take security measures to protect data protection. 1.2 Offers that deviate from the confirmation of the order and all other draft contracts to assess the cooperation exchanged during negotiations between the contracting parties are not binding, including in terms of prices, quantities, delivery dates, delivery options, technical specifications, specifications and quality descriptions. 1.1 The purpose of the contract is defined in the order confirmation by EPLAN at the same time as the documents and agreements mentioned in it, including these contractual terms. 7.2 With respect to supplies and services, EPLAN guarantees, in accordance with the provisions below, that the service characteristics agreed in the contract are respected and in accordance with the agreed level of service and that no third party rights conflict with the use of these services to the extent stipulated in the contract. All agreements on the quality of supplies and services are performance specifications; they are not a guarantee of quality or durability. The client can only assert rights to the warranty related to reproducibles or other identifiable defects. The client is required to document these defects in an understandable form and to immediately forward to the customer`s knowledge the claims of defects and documents provided to EPLAN, including any relevant information known to the customer. The customer takes all reasonable steps to help detect defects and their causes.

10.2 Amendments and additions to these terms of the contract must be written down (including fax and e-mail) to be effective and must be explicitly designated as such. This also applies to changes to this clause. No secondary oral agreement has been reached. 2.2 Changes to agreed benefit levels will not enter into force until the corresponding amendment agreement is concluded, in accordance with the principles set out in these contractual terms. In the meantime, EPLAN has the right and obligation to continue work on the basis of the existing contract. 2.2 Changes to the level of benefits must be agreed in writing to be effective. 1.1 For services, EPLAN is responsible for monitoring, managing and monitoring the services provided and their results (hereafter “work benefits”). Services under service contracts (hereafter referred to as “services”) are used to advise and support the client.