Tank Storage Agreement Rotterdam

Company, buyer performs Dip-Test/SGS in sellers` tanks. We offer a commercial business strategy for all oil companies in Russia and the Netherlands, which lease our storage facilities for immediate shipment to the site chosen by the customer and also hold large quantities of their products in our storage tanks, in accordance with the signed agreements, in order to allow the sale of products on the basis of a contract or future deliveries to potential customers. As the world`s population and GDP increase, so does global demand for energy and chemicals. We see a growing geographical imbalance between the production and energy and petrochemical consumption sectors. As a result, oil, gas and petrochemicals carry oil and petrochemicals over long distances. At the same time, markets and product flows have constantly evolved in response to more ambitious climate policy, geopolitical and economic fluctuations, and the development of new and cleaner energy sources and fuels. The result is a growing demand for bulk material and gas storage and handling at major sites along global maritime trade routes. The products that arrive in our supply warehouses come from refineries and are customized because our tanks are modern and include different types of supply ages, pipelines and portals with a higher degree of automation than significant changes in the depot. NKT Tankfar operates independent tanks in Russia and the Netherlands, operated by our management and not owned by oil companies in Russia and the Netherlands, and our management charges all oil companies the necessary invoices for storing and handling their products.

Our tanks are located above the ground and while some are underground with the help of successful spills of products into heavy tankers and pipelines. We have large industrial equipment for storing oil and petroleum products before these products are officially transported to end consumers or further to deposits. Our livestock tanks are located in different locations, where ocean boats carrying products can unload their cargo, while some are technically attached to pipelines in others to pull our reserves through rails or barges and heavy tankers. Most of our fuel tanks are equipped with heavy tankers operated from their sites, and these vehicles transport products to gas stations or other users. We are looking for the best design, operation and equipment maintenance of our terminals to provide safe, efficient and cost-effective storage and handling services. This requires a passion for continuous improvement of daily work at the terminals. `NKT` TANK FARM operates tanks in the port of Rotterdam and in the upper Baltic Sea region of Primorsk Commercial Sea Port, which allows the simultaneous loading of several tankers with a cargo capacity of up to 50 to 150,000 tonnes with a capacity of up to 6,500 tonnes per hour in the port of Primorsk, Port Ust Luga and loading several tankers boat dead weight up to 75 thousand -to- 150 thousand tons with a capacity of up to 4,500 and 6,500 tons per hour in the port of Rotterdam buyer wants to extend the tank and pay after PPOP verification.