Uq Eba Agreement

For more information on the differences between the current enterprise agreement and previous agreements, please see the explanatory note of the major changes (PDF, 108.4 KB). It is an individual enterprise agreement that includes eligible academic and professional staff as well as TESOL language teachers. (i) an agreement to reduce their annual salary in exchange for a proportionately additional rest leave over a 12-month period or at the request of a professional, in order to work regular hours for five consecutive days, Monday to Sunday, when the agreement is in effect from 19 March 2019; It expires on June 30, 2021, but remains in effect until it is terminated or replaced by a new enterprise contract. For more information, see the University of Queensland`s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2018-2021 (staff.uq.edu.au/files/20908/enterprise-agreement-2018-2021.pdf). “consultation” means that participants or, in accordance with this agreement, have access to all relevant documents and have the opportunity to contribute to and influence decision-making. Consultation does not mean reaching an agreement. “Negotiations” means holding discussions and real efforts to resolve disputes and reach agreement. (a) An agent may be invited to temporarily fill a vacant and senior position. If the officer agrees, if he performs all the duties and assumes full responsibility for the position, he is paid in addition to his normal salary.

The allowance is the difference between the agent`s salary and the minimum wage for the position temporarily occupied and is payable provided the length of working time is: the 2018-2021 Enterprise Agreement (PDF, 2.3 MB) of the University of Queensland is the current UQ Enterprise Agreement. b) If a dispute is not resolved by the proceedings described above, the matter is referred to a member of the university`s management at the request of one of the parties to the dispute.