By Their Mutual Agreement

Each of you will have already established a list of individual priorities. What you need to do now is get a group agreement on each of the items on the list. This may not be easy, as team members undoubtedly have different views on relative priorities. This is an exercise to reach a consensus agreement. If the team or team members mature with the process, it is possible to change more openly with commitment, for example.B. “create a web service to deal with “, as the size of the engagement is well understood by everyone inside and outside of software development. This approach requires different documentation to capture what is achieved with this line, although a concept that cannot be defined by a few pages is either not well understood or too large for a developer within a single cycle. With everyone signing on the commitment document, we should have steered our development team towards the current business requirements. Knowing that they will receive their bonus at the end of the cycle based on the satisfaction of these needs will help keep the development team on track for the next six weeks, while completing these obligations. By referring to the market as a “competitive game” that is played according to certain rules, Hayek emphasizes the intrinsic link between markets and the law.

Since the coordination of action within the markets is based on certain general rules of conduct which impose the behaviour of market participants, it follows that it is only when appropriate rules are in force that a market organisation can emerge and that the specificity of the legal and institutional framework in which the markets operate determines their general working characteristics. As Hayek (1960, p. 229), he states: `In order to ensure an effective adaptation of the various activities on the market, certain minimum requirements must be met; the most important of them are. the prevention of violence and fraud, the protection of property and the enforcement of contracts, as well as the recognition of the equal rights of all individuals to produce and sell in arbitrary quantities and at the prices they have chosen. Even if these fundamental conditions are met, the effectiveness of the system still depends on the specific content of the rules. Crowdsourcing and outsourcing sharing involve a direct relationship with citizens. Through crowdsourcing, citizens support the government. When it comes to outbound sharing, there are two types of relationships: citizens who ask for help from the government and citizens and the government who make a mutual agreement.