Cancel Currys Customer Support Agreement

Another client, Gerard, discovered that a recurring payment for £6.50 per month was taken. He said, “After searching the internet, I found out it was for breakdowns and repairs. Please stop taking my money. “In any case, most warranties or service contracts are just waste. He adds: “These current repair and assistance plans do not cover fire, theft, flooding, anything but repairs – and even in some circumstances. Many Currys customers insist they have been charged for “repair or replacement plans” they haven`t agreed to, or Curry`s PC World customers face a battle to get their money back after receiving hundreds of pounds for unwanted insurance. Now, when customers try to get their money back, they receive the runaround. Among the most recent complaints is a customer named Linda who said, “In August 2015, I cancelled plans to update products for my two daughters` laptops because they were no longer using them. I cancelled it by phone, according to Curry PC World`s instructions. Ray was reimbursed. But even then, the company did not cancel its levy, which it had to do. Gerry Bonner, 57, says he went to his local curry shop in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, five years ago to cancel coverage of his wireless stereo. He has paid around £120 since he bought the TV, until he terminated the plan just over a month ago, a process he says has been more difficult than he expected. In total, Currys had pocketed £324 to ensure a stereo he no longer owned. When Gerry asked for a refund, he was turned down because he had no proof of the cancellation. He says, “Like many people, I haven`t checked my account as often or carefully as I should.

Although consumer experts recommend that cancellations be made first through the company, buyers also have the right to hold their bank to stop the amount of the sums. But although Currys was asked to terminate before the deadline, the store debited his account. Ray rang again in March and again in April to insist that the £2.99 fee be stopped, but without success. But the biggest scam behind expensive payments made through a controversial method known as “continuous payment authority” is that many customers insist they were charged for plans they didn`t accept or expressly rejected. In one case, the retailer charged a customer £5.40 a month for more than five years after visiting their local store to cancel the policy – a total of £324. He signed up for coverage, he says, after sellers told him the first month was free and that as long as he had cancelled the policy before the deadline for submission expired, he didn`t have to pay the £2.99 monthly fee. It`s a practice the Mail on Sunday last year assiduously thanked against. Even though banks are supposed to cancel these recurring payments on instruction, customers are often mistakenly told that this is not possible. She adds: “Customers tell us they appreciate the benefits of the plan. Of course, we are disappointed by customer complaints and take them seriously. Payments, she confirmed, are made either by the permanent paying authority or by direct debit. Currys PC World thinks you should — and looks forward to diving into customers` bank accounts every month and getting payments for “repair or replacement plans” for everything from TVs to laptops.

This is insurance that promises to repair or replace defective goods. But customers say they never signed up or refused the extra coverage if it was offered. Philip calls the answer “total garbage” and adds, “Selling the plan is supposed to take money from people like me and then make it uncomfortable to cancel.” A spokesman for Curry PC World said: “We are investigating the cases raised by the Daily Mail and have been in contact with some customers to offer a goodwill gesture. . . .