Ufa Cardlock Agreement

In 1984, the UFA opened its first Cardlock gas station in Calgary. Today, UFA has more than 100 Cardlock locations in three provinces and has been the largest Cardlock network in Alberta. If you pay with any of the payment options, you are subject to the terms of use associated with that payment option, including your cardholder or specific financial institution contract. For UFA, this agreement creates an important and new strategic partnership with CFN,” said Dave Kowal, Vice President of UFA Petroleum. Our members and customers can now stock up on a single card, charge and make a payment at chevron B.C facilities and more than 2800 CFN participating locations in the continental United States. You agree that the agreement established by these Terms of Use is like any written agreement you have signed and you agree to be bound by and comply with its terms in full. You represent and warrant that you have all the rights, powers and powers necessary to comply with these Terms of Use and to fulfill all of your obligations under these Terms of Use. The use of a payment option means that you agree with the terms and conditions of use in force. In November 2001, CFN entered Canada by adding 39 Chevron sites in B.C. and Alberta.

The addition of the UFA to its Canadian partners expands network cardlocks at approximately 140 sites in Western Canada. South San Francisco, CA Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) has signed United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) as a new Canadian participant and has added more than 100 Cardlock locations in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan to its Canadian network. Brownlee, on a wave of popularity stemming from this agreement, led the United Farmers to a third majority government in the 1930 election, although he alienated socialists and labor groups when he led the party conservatively and despite rapidly deteriorating financial conditions. UFA has signed a partnership agreement with GROWMARK Inc. to provide this new bulk fuel offering to our members and customers. Your UFA accounts payable are subject to your “UFA Account Credit Agreement” and all associated documents, amended or replaced, coop.ufa.com/sites/default/files/file/ufa-credit-on-account-agreement-dec-2019.pdf. Your use of your UFA Credit Account features in the UFAshop signifies your consent to your “UFA Account Credit Agreement” and all associated, amended or replaced documents, as well as these Terms of Use. Cardlock equipment at some sites in the co-op and tempo network ® is upgraded to accept a Mag Stripe card in addition to the punch card currently in use. The slots updated with this equipment have 2 slots for inserting cards on the card readers.

Please use the appropriate slot for the punch card or magnetic stripe card for which you have been exposed. Note that Dual Card Reader sites (which accept cardlock or mag-stripe cards) contain slightly different instructions for setting up keys. Observe the input requests and enter the corresponding information. If you are satisfied that these measures have been properly made available, the company agreement between you and the cooperative must be signed. In the event that a Cardlock user is observed by a fire inspector during the hazardous operation of the devices, the Cardlock card must be given to the fire inspector upon request. You are solely responsible for the collection, recording, processing, storage, use, use, disclosure, transmission, exchange or processing of any other use of the UFAshop (or any of its associated services) and any necessary consents or authorizations of third parties whose materials or information may be collected, recorded, processed, stored, used, disclosed, transferred, exchanged or otherwise processed in connection with the User`s material or communications, all such consents or authorizations throughout the term of these Terms of Use. UFA may provide you with certain materials (including files, text, URLs, videos, audio and images contained in or generated by such materials, and accompanying data) (together “UFA Materials”) through the UFAshop (or any of its associated services). . . .