Yamatji Nation Agreement

All existing agreements will remain in force. From the date of final registration, DMIRS is required to apply the heritage condition required by section 22.5 of the YNILUA to the issuance of mining concessions, titles under the Petroleum and Geothermal Resources Act, 1967 and pipeline permits under the Petroleum Pipelines Act, 1969. YMAC congratulates all traditional owners involved in the Yamatji Nation Claims Consent Agreement and the Indigenous Land Use Agreement signed on February 7, 2020. ILUA is also considering the establishment of a conservation area, where the Department of Biodiversity and Conservation and the Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation will jointly manage new and existing nature reserves and national parks. This will limit the ability of mining and oil advocates with tenures in the proposed new conservation area or national parks to carry out activities after the parks are established. YNILUA will provide a set of permanent benefits to ensure long-term self-determination and economic independence and opportunities for the Yamatji people. The benefit package includes a number of components, including money, economic development opportunities, Indigenous heritage protection, recognition, housing, governance, access to water, land, and a conservation property management package. The (YPSHA) is on Annex 17 of the (YNILUA) and reflects the Yamatji Government Standard Heritage Agreement (YGSHA). The YPSHA provides a model agreement for defenders in case they do not wish to implement an alternative cultural heritage agreement with the regional entity. The establishment of indigenous title to the Yamatji Nation and the signing of the Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) in Geraldton were significant successes. The parties agreed in principle on 30 July 2019.

THE ILUA provides for the protection of indigenous culture and heritage by introducing a condition imposed on all new mining and oil leases in the contract area. This condition requires advocates to enter into either a standard Yamatji Heritage Agreement with the Regional Entity or another form of Indigenous Heritage Agreement with the Regional Entity. Basically, the new condition states that a cultural heritage agreement must be concluded before defenders exercise any rights, powers or duties under the part of the mandate that straddles the treaty area. If you have a question about joining Yamatji Southern Regional Corporation Limited (YSRC) or would like to learn more about the agreement, please contact the company under Yamatjicentral@outlook.com goal was to reach an agreement that reflects the aspirations and needs of the SPA`s traditional owner community as a whole. ToNT`s vision statement was: “A progressive and just agreement that recognizes us and our country supports our growth and gives us control over our destiny. On 7 February 2020, the State of Western Australia and stakeholders Southern Yamatji, Hutt River, Mullewa Wadjari and Widi Mob signed an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) documenting an Indigenous Property Agreement agreed during negotiations on the Geraldton Alternative Settlement Agreement. .